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Impressive and detailed sculpture of the Terminator (TERMINATOR T-800), played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Its technical name is Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, 800 series (which generates its most used nickname, T-800)

My representation in this sculpture is to refer to the film in the series, where the Terminator is sent to 1984 with the intention of killing Sarah Connor, who would be the mother of the future leader of the human resistance against machines, John Connor.

It is an exclusive work of art, built in detail.

The size, 55 centimeters tall, is by far the largest advertised here in Brazil, Latin America and most countries.

I chose to build it in this large size, to pay homage to this science fiction film that impressed the generation that watched it, and others, for the first time, with its intriguing, captivating and fascinating story, and also, accompanied by impactful special effects, for the time. .

It's for you, a fan of The Terminated Future and Arnold Schwarzenegger, like me!

This sculpture is a work of art, precious, finely crafted, a true jewel! Very different from others advertised, which are much smaller and made of low quality plastic or common resin.

My work is painted by hand, down to the smallest details, with the aim of being very close to realism.

Applied acrylic paints and acrylic base, high quality primer, special acrylic varnish that protects against UV rays, are hypoallergenic (does not cause allergies), compound with anti-mold and anti-fungal in the finish. (Ecologically correct)

THE CHARACTER measures approximately 55 cm, from the feet to the rifle tip and 53 cm (character only) from the feet to the top of the head!

It weighs 800 grams! Almost 1 KG!

**** ATTENTION ***

The motorcycle that appears in some photos is not part of this advertisement (only the 55 cm terminator). If you like the motorcycle, I can sell it separately. Make your comment in the "Ask the Seller" section.

The details are impressive, the photos in the ad only give you an idea, it really surprises you in person.

Treat yourself, or your special person, to this sculpture!

The Terminator TERMINATOR T-800

SKU: T800
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