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In this advertisement there is a detailed sculpture of a work by Pietro Tenerani (1789 - 1869)
The original work is called Psiche svenuta from 1869.

In my poetic license and reinterpretation of the work, highlighting the profession of psychologist (fixed the symbol of psychology)

The size and weight is perfect for adorning offices, libraries and living rooms. It stands out on display anywhere!

My work is done with great care, dedication, I use high quality materials and I really care about details!

This is an exclusive work of art!

Hand-painted work, down to the smallest details!

Work with SILVER finish

THE CHARACTER measures approximately 28 cm in height, 25 cm in front and 14 cm in depth.

The details are impressive, the photos in the ad only give you an idea, it really surprises you in person.

Treat yourself, or your special person, to this sculpture!

Sleepy Psyche Sculpture - Psyche Svenuta

SKU: Psiq
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