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In this ad is an artistic representation of a character from the television series called: LOST IN SPACE!

The character is the legendary Robot B9!

The series premiered on December 4, 1966, on Sunday afternoons on TV Record, then broadcast only to São Paulo, at 6 pm, created and designed by Irwin Allen.

It's an exclusive work of art!

Hand-painted, down to the smallest details, with the aim of being very close to the original character.

This piece took many hours of work and dedication to reflect, as faithfully as possible, the character from the series Lost in Space.

Watch the video (turn on the audio), along with the photos! The quality of the piece in the details was very clear! It's worth watching and listening!


Applied acrylic paints and acrylic base, high quality primer, special acrylic varnish that protects against UV rays, are hypoallergenic (does not cause allergies), compound with anti-mold and anti-fungal in the finish. (Ecologically correct)

The piece is a good size (LARGE), making it stand out wherever it is displayed.

***** THE MEASURES *****

The entire piece measures approximately:

- 33 cm HEIGHT
- Top width 11.5 cm
- Depth 11 cm

WEIGHT: 551 grams

All measurements and weight are approximate, as this is a piece artistically constructed individually and not in series.

The details are impressive, the photos in the ad only give you an idea, it really surprises you in person.

Robot B9 from Lost in Space (1960s)

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