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In this advertisement there is a delicate unique piece, representing a boy whistling.

In the poetic license that this sculpture conveys, I want to bring the feeling of peace, naivety and tranquility that an innocent childhood, devoid of malice, brings us.

This work in the ad is an exclusive work of art!
Finely crafted precious object, a true jewel!

This work is hand painted, down to the smallest details!

Applied acrylic paints and acrylic base, high quality primer, special acrylic varnish that protects against UV rays, are hypoallergenic (does not cause allergies), compound with anti-mold and anti-fungal in the finish. (Ecologically correct)

This work of art measures 24.5 cm tall

The details are impressive, the photos in the ad only give you an idea, it really surprises you in person.

Treat yourself, or your special person, to this sculpture!

Boy Whistling

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